Devorah Rader, Ph.D.
Coronavirus Counseling Therapy for Anxiety and Fear
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West Los Angeles Psychologist"It's Not Your Fault, You're Not Alone"   

Are you struggling with Fear, Anxiety and Stress due to  Coronavirus and have concerns to go into therapy? If you have time during your day you have time for quality solution based therapy to deal with the current situation.

As a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, with over 25 years experience, Dr. Devorah Rader is a private practitioner accustomed to working with a diverse range of clientele to make positive changes 
with a fresh approach. Clients will experience greater satisfaction, meaning, empowerment and balance in life.


Are You Stuck?

Dr. Rader offers the following Counseling Services:

  Depression and Anxiety

 Addiction & Recovery
    Internet and Online Gaming Abuse

                                             Relationship Issues

                                      Medical and Health Concerns

                                                Grief and Loss

                                       Panic Attacks and Phobias 
                                         Work and Career Issues 

                                              Stress Management 

                                      Parenting and Family Issues

                                              Conflict Resolution

Integrating various therapeutic perspectives, a treatment plan for each individual is created based on personal needs and goals.   Clients will make positive changes to resolve problem issues, reduce stress, and achieve effective long lasting relief. As a psychotherapist, Dr. Rader's methods provide near immediate results with little or no maintenance.

Dr. Rader is a healthcare professional who provides support, problem-solving skills, and enhanced coping for issues such as:

Attaining a better understanding of yourself and your personal goals and values

Examine and Identify Faulty Belief systems and defeating behavior.

Developing skills for improving your relationships

Finding resolution to the issues or concerns that led you to seek therapy

Find new ways to cope with and reduce Stress and Anxiety

Eliminate Fear and Worry

Managing Anger, Depression, and other emotional pressures

Improving Communications Skills - learn how to listen to others, and have others listen to you

Dissolve Unhealthy, Unproductive Patterns - breaking old behaviors and develop new ones

  Difficult Transitions

Effective treatment of Trauma

Resolving Emotional Pain

Discovering new ways to solve problems

Eating Issues and Body Concerns
        • Addiction and Recovery Treatment  
        •      Internet and Online Gaming Recovery

Improving your Self-Esteem, boosting self-confidence

Cultivate Acceptance of Self, Others and Situations

Dr. Rader holds Certificates in Chemical Abuse, Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery and Relaxation which she employs in conjunction with traditional therapy. 

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