Devorah Rader, Ph.D.
West Los Angeles Psychology

Dr. Devorah Rader’s Couples Counselling helps partners experience their relationship differently by better understanding one another, creating consideration and respect within the relationship, and working to regulate conflicts. Couples therapy can provide a safe environment to explore individual and joint needs, hurts, fears, desires, expectations, and disappointments.


Dr. Rader has created unique treatment strategies for couples in any stage of a relationship:



*Pre Marital  

*Gay Couples

*Divorcing Families

*Families dealing with Addiction and Recovery

*Family Relationships

*Living Situations

*Work Relationships


Is Your Relationship Stuck?

Dr. Rader’s approach to couples therapy is integrative and individualized for each couple. She helps couples determine what is getting in the way of the relationship they want, recognize the positives in the relationship, and explore the underlying assumptions and rules in the relationship. One of the most important areas addressed is the quality of communication; good communication is vital to a successful and strong relationship. In addition, Dr. Rader assists couples in finding ways to introduce more positive emotions into the relationship, create shared meaning, and implement effective methods to both listen and to be heard in the relationship. She believes that building general positivity in the relationship, which can often be accomplished by improving the couple’s friendship, is essential to ensure lasting change.

Couples Therapy can help with:

Communication and problem solving skills

        • Reducing Conflict and Challenges

Revitalizing Attraction, Deepening Intimacy

Financial Stressors

Sexual Difficulties

Changing Roles, Transitions: such as retirement or new baby

Anger Management


Challenges with child rearing

Blended Families

Excessive criticism, defensiveness, and/or contempt in the relationship

  •  Renewing Commitment

Dr. Rader's approach to therapy is to relieve issues in a short term, flexible, affordable manner.  

Counseling methods provide near immediate results with little or no maintenance.

Utilizing an existing therapeutic relationship, Dr Rader is able to treat a couple alongside their own personal Psychologist.

Weekday appointments available until 9pm.  Weekend appointments are also available.

Phone Sessions Available.

Insurance accepted.

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